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Aug 12, 2010I've been teaching, doing some repairs, and working on new guitars for clients. Interestingly, two of the new guitars are Sprites -- I hadn't made one for a couple of years so I put together a maple-and-Adirondack one for spec, then got orders for two! Funny how these things go. In the meantime, I completed a Concert Jumbo with a lovely koa body and primo Adirondack top. I used the "Golden Age" inlays with a different fingerboard treatment. Very elegant and a rich, full tone throughout. And I have two lovingly used Mini Jumbos: a gorgeous Brazilian/Adirondack cutaway/wedge and an equally gorgeous (but subtle) olive/Adirondack cutaway. This is a fine opportunity to acquire a Running Dog without the wait -- and at very attractive prices! Give me a call or drop a note for more info about any of these. (In the image, the background is the Brazilian, the little guitar is the Olive, and the soundboard is the koa Concert Jumbo.)