Send us to Italy!

Nov 21, 2011

The Slack Key Festival was a blast! We got to meet many very cool folks both from the NW and Hawai'i, got to hear some fine music (both on stage and at our table), and were treated like royalty. One thing that occurred to me during the performances and conversations is that Hawai'i is sort of like Cape Breton. It's small, it's villages, it's music and a thriving local culture. There was a warmth well beyond the leis and shirts. I heartily encourage everyone to attend next year's -- it's a weekend in Hawai'i without the long plane ride.

And, we've been invited to attend the Acoustic Guitar Meeting in La Spezia, Italy next May! Check it out at

In order to make it happen, I've got to sell some of my current inventory. I have some of the finest guitars I've ever made sitting here in the shop and that's wrong! They ought to be played and loved by someone -- you, for instance! You can see them most easily at Search on Running Dog and they'll pop up. And since you've read this far, here's the reward: contact me before December 10 about any and I'll discount the price $500 AND pay for fast shipping! How can you resist? Send us to Italy!