Concert Jumbo

starting at $4750.00

20" body, 15 1/2" lower bout, 4 1/2" depth
14 frets to the body, 25.4" scale

The challenge: Make a larger guitar that maintains the melodic quality of a smaller instrument while adding the bass response associated with the Jumbo/Dreadnaught class.

Running Dog's Concert Jumbo has the sonority of larger instruments, a strong mid-range, and a pure, clear treble. Suited to fingerstyle as well as flatpicking, it is responsive and lively.

Gypsy Special: A modified Concert for a punchier, archtoppy sort of guitar. The Gypsy has volume and the fast rise of a great acoustic archtop, but the sustain and round tones of a flattop. All Gypsy Specials have German spruce soundboards, modified bracing, and a Venetian cutaway to obtain that swing era sound and appearance. The Gypsy can be set up for lights or mediums.

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