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A 'Terz' guitar - generally tuned a third higher than standard (G to G), Sprite is a small, sweet, harmony instrument. It's like playing a standard guitar capoed on the third fret. But the Sprite is different from capoing up: players have called the tone 'bell-like', 'chimes', even 'crystalline'. The shimmering tone of a Sprite playing harmony adds a new dimension to old pieces. The small body produces a remarkable amount of volume and, while it doesn't have the bass response of a large guitar, it is quite balanced.

With a lower bout width of 11 1/2" and a 21 1/2" scale length Sprite looks like a travel guitar and will fit in any airline overhead compartment –even in her hardshell case. But unlike any travel guitar on the market, Sprite is all solid woods (no laminates) and is constructed to the same high standards as other Running Dog instruments.

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