Sound Guitar Workshop

Guitar building and repair school founded and (mostly) taught by ace repair tech Cat Fox and me. Lots of classes, from one-day to eight-week, from instrument making to doing inlays to fixing a basket-case yard sale guitar!

Sound Guitar Repair

The brilliant Cat Fox's stringed instrument repair and restoration studio. From set ups to complete rebuilding, this is the place!

Sam Tsohonis

My graphic designer (and occasional student!)

Seattle Luthiers' Group

Seattle collective of professional and hobbyist guitarbuilders and guitarbuilding enthusiasts

Gurian Instruments

Manufacturer of parts and materials for guitarbuilders owned by master guitarbuilder Michael Gurian.

Healdsburg Guitar Festival

In Santa Rosa, CA - I have had a consistent presence at this biennial event - Organized by Luthiers Mercantile International

GuitarMaker Direct

Luthier and friend Mark Blanchard has created this website/database of luthier-made instruments for sale. You'll find any available Running Dogs here along with fine instruments from other makers. Just click on the link and go to Acoustic Guitars and pick out your new Dog!